Friday, August 21, 2015

The Guidance Center's Starfish Ball

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending The Guidance Services Center's Annual Starfish Ball and Awards Dinner at Vineyard Caterers in Jamesport. This year's award recipient was The Suffolk County Youth Bureau.

The Guidance Center's mission is to strengthen families with prevention education to improve the well-being of people of all ages within the community through collaboration, utilizing innovative and effective programs that enable everyone to learn, to work, and to thrive.

As a Southold Town resident raising young children here on the North Fork, I am thankful for the services that the Guidance Center provides, particularly to our youth. Having witnessed the devastating effects that addiction can have on families and children, Joanna and I wholeheartedly support the great work that the Guidance Center does for our community.

If elected Supervisor, I will work closely with both the Guidance Center and its Suffolk County regional partners, including the Suffolk County Youth Bureau, to strengthen and improve youth services here in Southold Town. As a local scout leader, I know first hand the importance of mentoring and caring for our children, as they are the leaders of tomorrow!

Pictured left to right: Susan Toman, CASAC at Catholic Charities Talbot House and CEO of The Guidance Center Services, Inc.; Jennifer J Maertz, of the East End Women's Network; Suffolk County Legislator Sarah Anker, 6th District; Damon Peter Rallis, Candidate for Southold Town Supervisor.