Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The North Fork Deer Management Alliance Needs Your Help!

During my campaign, I had the opportunity to meet the dedicated individuals who make up the North Fork Deer Management Alliance (NFDMA). I was impressed by the group’s commitment to addressing one of the most important issues facing Southold Town residents.

Mission: The North Fork Deer Management Alliance of Long Island, NY ​ is a citizen action group formed to promote the return of the deer population of the North Fork to a level compatible with the health and safety of the human population and the environmental and economic integrity of the region. The group seeks to educate the public to the effects of an unbridled deer population through publicity and public events in order to gather support for the deer management programs of town, county and state. NFDMA seeks to work with local officials in developing effective deer management strategies and to partner with other community groups in promoting them. 

NFDMA is partnering with the Long Island Farm Bureau (LIFB) to educate the public through a brochure that will be mailed out to all residents. The brochure is aimed at informing the public of this very real crisis. To accomplish this goal, the NFDMA in partnership with LIFB must raise $10,000. I’m asking that you support this worthy cause by sending a small donation (any amount will help).

Checks should be made payable to the "LIFB Foundation for Ag Education," with a reference to the North Fork Deer Management Brochure. Please mail checks to 104 Edwards Ave, Suite 3 Calverton NY, 11933. Since the LIFB is a 501C3 organization, all contributions will be tax deductible.

You can visit them at northforkdeer.org or connect with them on Facebook, and get involved with the solution. ​